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March 1, 2009

On April, 30, 2009 the Navigation will be opened on internal waterways of North-Western Russia

For port Podporozhje this Navigation will be 22th


is one of the largest river port of North-Western Russia.

The activity of port includes water areas of Ladoga and Onega lakes, the river Svir, Volgo-Balt Canal up to point of Annensky Bridge.

A geographical proximity to row and industrial markets makes the port Podporoje as a key-port at the Region.

Another special feature of geographical location of the Port is the presence of railroad Saint-Petersburg - Petrozavodsk - Murmansk and railway station "SVIR" with entrance to cargo piers of the Port.

The port infrastructure includes railroad and crane lines, motor roads, utilities, open storage and covered warehouses, repair depots, bunkering station.

There are four cargo terminals of the port.

They are equipped with bridges, cranes and floating cranes.

The general area of various warehouses of the Port is 252426 sq.m.

The port handles following types of cargoes :

Timber, chemical, mineral fertilizers, technical salt, coal, metal, scrap metal, general cargoes, containers on the ships "sea-river" type, all type of bulk cargoes etc.

The Port offers also:

Stewedores services
The organization of storage of the cargo
Cargo survey
Marine Survey
Chartering and agency services
Customs procedures
Taking sludge, bilge waters, garbage etc. from the entering vessels.

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