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  What are your tariffs?

  · Cost of our work develops of many components and one of them is always stays fixed - it is a personal approach to the each client.
· The company's price setting is directed for reducing the tariffs with involving more amount of clients who are interested in decreasing fees
· While settling mutual payments with the client we use flexible system of discounts and mutual offsets especially at a long terms contracts.
· We are waiting for your application and invite you for co-operation.

Please find below some pictures showing typical moments of our work and so self-answering on the Frequently Asked Questions.

Supercargo and ship superintendence

Draught survey

Inspection of cargo holds - hatch covers and weather deck openings for watertightness tests

Inspection of lashing and securing of the cargo
Stowage advisory

Technical inspections of containers

Survey of bagged & break-bulk cargoes

Marine casualty surveys and investigations

Round timber - quality, quantity control
Issue Cargo Declaration, Stowage & Securing Certificate

Pre-loading inspections of cargoes

Investigation of cases of pollution

Investigation of circumstances of insurance matters